More Praise for Where the Dog Star Never Glows

This is a rich and surprising collection. I loved how whether they are set in Dominica, Montana, Holland, the Mexican Border, New England, India, or the territory of schizophrenia these stories are all concerned with seeking to find, or to lose or simply to come to terms with love and the self. The characters are wildly varied and wonderfully inhabited; the settings are intensely observed and believable.

~ Grace Dane Mazur, author of Silk and Trespass

Revitalizing themselves in far-flung corners of the globe, Masih's characters emerge at crossroads in their lives, groping to discover intimacies situated in the small spaces of vast landscapes. . . . [A] wise and beautifully written collection imbued with a sharp awareness that makes her subtle, emotionally honest portrayals haunting and powerful.

~ Michael Hartnett, author of Universal Remote

The characters in Tara Masih's Where The Dog Star Never Glows are bright and daring, her prose vivid and full of poetry, her landscapes rendered with astonishing beauty. These stories will captivate readers of all stripes a highly absorbing and original debut.  

~ Laura van den Berg, author of What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us

Whether on a car ride, Coney Island in Europe, or Appalachia, the stories in this collection are like eloquent journeys. Where the Dog Star Never Glows illuminates, gracefully, with keenness; with a sharp eye for emotion, and a zoom into the senses, Tara Masih is a talent, and this book is full of heart.

~ Kim Chinquee, author of OH BABY and Pretty

Within each of these stories lies a surprise at the turn of the page. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not, but Masih always has a surprise waiting. This is a wonderful debut collection, which travelers should bring along in their backpacks or suitcases and savor in those moments of solitude.

~ Jeff Talarigo, author of The Pearl Diver and The Ginseng Hunter

These stories travel the world to explore a terrain more mysterious and fulfilling than place that of the human mind and heart. The finely crafted prose and acute observations in this collection left an indelible impression on me. Where the Dog Star Never Glows marks the arrival of a gifted new writer.

~ Lisa Borders, author of Cloud Cuckoo Land

In ["The Sin Eater"] Masih merges vengeance and redemption into a whole, one thing, both repelling and beautiful, a gestalt there is no word for in English. To articulate an experience for which there is no term is a pretty impressive accomplishment.  

~ Debrah Lechner, Hayden's Ferry Review Blog (read review)

Tara Masih succeeds brilliantly in fulfilling E. M. Forster's edict "Only connect" in this collection of stories which exemplify the dance all humans engage in: that of breathlessly coming closer and quickly moving away."

~ Michelle Reale, The Short Review, Winter 2010 (read review)

Masih triumphs in her ability to convey the failure and success of the human longing for connectedness and individuality through her rich, poetic stories.

~ Angela Lam, Gently Read Literature, Oct. 2010 (read review)

Where the Dog Star Never Glows provides a fine introduction to Masih's poetic language, while taking the reader on a dazzling journey to distant landscapes and forgotten times. This is a stunning debut.

~ Gaijinmama, Yomimono, Oct. 7, 2010 (read review)

[Masih's] stories are so rich and [her] characters are all so vivid you can actually hear their voices inside your head. Every story has its own hidden colors. . . . Where the Dog Star Never Glows is the kind of book you will never forget.

~ Lanie S. Rebancos, cobwebs and memories (read review)

Tara Masih's debut collection of short stories . . . displays her great talent at observation and description, as well as her bravery in tackling places and periods outside of her own experience. She moves her stories with confidence and faith. . . . She is at her best in recording and understanding place, such as the play of light and sound in our surroundings, and characters, especially the reactions, both emotionally and physically, that occur between lovers, friends, family, and strangers.

~ Nina Sankovitch, ReadAllDay, Feb. 2010 (read review)

5 star Amazon review: Award winning poet, essayist, and author Tara Lynn Masih gives readers a taste of her best work with "Where the Dog Star Never Glows." She presents numerous short stories on numerous topics, each with their own message for quick digesting. Weaving her love of poetry into her prose, "Where the Dog Star Never Glows" is entertaining short fiction that makes for quite the fulfilling read.

~ Midwest Book Reviews, Small Press Bookwatch/Fiction Shelf, May 2010

. . . Masih's strength is surprise, the unexpected turn, particularly crucial in shorter stories, but, consistent with her subtle style, the turn that comes in each of these stories is not an abrupt, drop-dead sort of surprise but the kind that allows the reader to participate with the characters in a slow gathering of certainty.

~ Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom, Melusine reviews, May 27, 2010 (read review)

[S]he quickly develops characters that ring true with quirkiness and style. . . . Fans of short literature should seek out her work, it is excellent.

~ Beth Cummings, Arm Chair Interviews online, June 2010 (read review)

A short, bittersweet read and well worth it. Many of the stories will stay with you.

~ Book Babe, July 18, 2010 (read review)

Tara's Dog Star stories make me think of Morrissey crooning: I am human and I need to belong just like everyone else does especially "Say Bridgitte Please.". . . The stories in Dog Star evoke Transcendentalist principles like faith in the "gift of intuition" and a "Divine Soul which also inspires all."

~ CranialGunk, July 17, 2010 (read review)

[Y]ou will be amazed at these characters, each caught at a moment of decision-making, in settings remarkably detailed and distinctly recalled, from coal-mining Appalachia, to India and Puerto Rico. Masih is simply, extraordinarily versatile as a writer, and this book is a gem I wouldn't be without.

~ Glenda Bailey-Mershon, Women and Books, Dec. 2010 (read review)

Tara Lynn Masih's collection of 17 short stories . . . is a global tour viewed through a close-up lens. She captures vibrant characters at critical moments and shows you exactly how events change their lives. Her luscious settings will make you daydream about traveling. Each story offers something unique. [She] is a wise and talented writer. The lyrical descriptions, the global settings, the concise language, and the superb storytelling all make this a rich collection.

~ B. Lynn Goodwin, Writers Advice, Jan. 2011 (read review)

Each of these stories is well written and engaging. Masih has a crisp, sharp writing style and doesn't mince words.As a result, these stories are powerful and Masih's prose gives them the extra punch they need. . . . Masih is an impressive writer, and I look forward to seeing what she can do with a novel. What is for certain is that Tara Masih is certainly one to watch.

~ S. Krishna's Books, March 7, 2011 (read review)

One of the most astonishing elements from Tara Lynn Masih's debut collection Where the Dog Star Never Glows is the attention given to setting and landscape. I have always been a big fan of regionalist writings because of the focus not only on local communities, but also the ways that the narrator sees the environment. These settings are often rural, with specific kinds of flora and fauna. Even in the shortest stories, Masih is intent on letting us understand these rich landscapes. . . . An . . . ultimately promising work.

~ Stephen Hong Sohn, Asian American Literature Fans

Where the Dog Star Never Glows

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