The Best Small Fictions 2017

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The Best Small Fictions Series

A NewPages Editor's Pick, August 2016
An Amazon Top 100 Anthology

“I believe The Best Small Fictions series . . . is an extraordinarily important literary event. The art form of the small fiction speaks strongly to the zeitgeist of the 21st century and this sort of focused recognition is long overdue.”

~Robert Olen Butler

“[T]his striking new series...has quickly become essential reading."

~Amy Hempel

The Best Small Fictions 2015...could be at the forefront of a burgeoning cultural movement.”

~The Newtown Review of Books

“Readers, don't let the word 'small' throw you off. This year's edition of The Best Small Fictions redefines the word with writing that towers above the rest.”


“[T]here is no more important book published in 2015.”

~Sheldon Lee Compton, Enclave

“The best of these fictional vignettes are like a splash of ice water in the face. ...they create their emotional effects with a quick windup and a powerful release, often a final, lingering image.”

~Harvard Review

“Setting aside the number of fantastic short stories collected in BSF 2016, the continued publication of this series and the work done by series editor Tara Masih is, in and of itself, a milestone for the short story form.”


“In this extraordinary collection of small fictions...readers are gifted with stories that slap wings onto their backs or drop anchors into their hearts, oftentimes both.”

~The Small Press Book Review

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The Chalk Circle

from Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc.

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The Chalk Circle

  • A 2012 ForeWord Book of the Year
  • Winner of a silver IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award
  • Winner of a 2012 Skipping Stones Honor Award
  • New England Book Festival Runner-Up Award
  • A Teaching Tolerance Staff Pick Fall 2013

Twenty prizewinners are gathered for the first time in a ground-breaking anthology that explores many facets of culture not previously found under one cover. The powerful, honest, thoughtful voices—Native American, African American, Asian, European, Jewish, White—speak daringly on topics not often discussed in the open, on subjects such as racism, war, self-identity, gender, societal expectations. Their words will entertain, illuminate, take you to distant lands, and spark important discussions about our humanity, our culture, and our place within society and the natural world.

Includes extensive, in-depth discussion questions for book clubs and instructors, along with fun, challenging "NET assignments" for high school and college students; and an introduction by acclaimed writer David Mura.

Chalk Circle is a truly important book.”

~ Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize Winner and recipient of the Tu Do Chinh Kien Award

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Where the Dog Star Never Glows

"This is a stunning debut."
~ Gaijinmama, Yomimono

  • An Award-Winning Finalist, Best Books 2010 (from USA Book News)
  • A 2012 Untreed Reads Bestseller
  • A New & Noteworthy Book, January 2010
  • A Top 100 Best Book of 2010 on Goodreads, Dec. 2010
  • A Top 10 of 2011 on the Unabridged Chick blog
  • Jane's Stories Press Foundation Recommended Reading
“Each story in this collection . . . stands alone as a piece worth the price of the book.”

~ Debrah Lechner, Hayden's Ferry Review

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In this impressive debut collection, Tara Masih shows an intimate sense of understanding her characters' innermost feelings, creating a memorable map of diverse characters that span the globe and several eras. Ghosts dance, butterflies swarm, men crystallize, the sun disappears, and water plays a role in both destruction and repair of the soul. With an unflinching eye, a mythical awareness of the natural world, and poetic, crafted prose, Masih examines the dark recesses of the mind and heart, which often leads to a small or great triumph or illumination that will resonate long after the last page is turned.